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10.1. Kajaani International judge Tarmo Viirtelä
Enjoue In Somnis Veritas JUN VG2
Ebonyhill's Dream On BOB-puppy
Shirellan Lead The Way BOB-veteran ans BOS!

5.1. Enjoue K-litter was born!
One female and four males were born



30.12. Enjoue J-litter was born!
One black female was born

5.12. Helsinki Winner Puppy Show judge Marja Kurittu
Ebonyhill's Dream On BOB-puppy!
Enjoue In Somnis Veritas HP

© Virve Tajakka

In main rings judge Danielle Drybough
Shirellan Lead The Way VET VG2

25.10. Lahti Puppy Show judge Kimmo Mustonen
Ebonyhill's Dream On HP
Enjoue In Somnis Veritas HP

30.9. Health results
Ilona and Onni were tested in Movet.
Whiteway's Classic White PRA-prcd Normal
Enjoue Goolara PRA-prcd Normal

That also means that all of our white poodles are PRA-prcd Normal

20.9. and 26.9. Agility competitions
Assi got three clear runs in a week and will from now on compete on the highest Advanced Class!

6.9. Siikajoki Puppy Show judge Jouko Leiviskä
Majority of Enjoue I-puppies first time out at the age of five months:
Enjoue In Vivo Veritas HP
Enjoue Ingi Ferroque BOS-puppy
Enjoue In Somnis Veritas BOB-puppy

23.8. Rovaniemi Speciality for FCI group IX judge Sean Delmar
Enjoue Force Majeure Best Male CAC BOS and new Finnish Champion!
Shirellan Lead The Way Best Female 3 BOB-veteran

15.8. Kajaani Speciality for FCI group IX judge Annukka Paloheimo (miniature) and Tuire Okkola (toy)
Enjoue Force Majeure Best Male 2 res-cac
Enjoue Goolara Exc2
Shirellan Lead The Way Best Bitch 3 BOB-veteran

9.8. Joensuu National judge Magnus Hagsted
Säde first time out as a veteran: Best bitch 2 and BOB-veteran

18.7. Kemi International judge Vesa Lehtonen
Enjoue Force Majeure Best Male 3 res-cac

30.6. Kajaani agility
Hely got her third clear run from intermediate class and will compete on advanced class from now on!

New family member
Assi's daughter Lidia (Ebonyhill's Dream On) is our new family member

20.6. Rovaniemi International judge Saija Juutilainen
Enjoue Force Majeure Best Male 3 res-cac

6.6. Keitele Speciality for FCI group IX judge Paavo Mattila
Enjoue Force Majeure Best Male 4

2.4. Enjoue I-litter was born!
One female and three males were born.

4.3. Health results
Shirellan Lead the Way (age 7,5 years) eyes clear, knees 0/0
Enjoue C'est La Vie eyes mild distichiasis, knees 0/0
Enjoue Force Majeure eyes distichiasis, knees 0/0
Enjoue Goolara eyes clear, knees 0/0

1.3. Lahti Finnish Poodle Speciality Show judge Carlos Renau
Enjoue Force Majeure EXC4

22.2. Tuusniemi Speciality for FCI group IX judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo
Enjoue Force Majeure EXC2 CQ Best Male2 res-cac

10.1. Kajaani International judge Svante Frisk
Enjoue Gymea EXC3
Enjoue Force Majeure EXC4

Assi started her Agility career...
After only 10 runs she has made three clear runs and got her first Agility Certification!

Oulu 20.9.14 0/-8,26 placement 3
Pyhäjärvi 29.9.14 0/-3,95 placement 2
Kajaani 25.10.14 0/-4,77 placement 1, Agility Certification

Tuulos Speciality for FCI group 9 judge Anne Sume
Enjoue Gymea JUN VG

Helsinki Speciality 31.8.judge Magnus Hagstedt
Enjoue Gymea JUN EXC

Kajaani Poodle Agility Championships 23.8.
Assi, Suri, Hely, Säde and Ilona took part Poodle Agility Championship in our hometown.

Hely 0/-1,11 4/39
Ilona 0/0,3 5/39
Säde 10/-1,87 11/39
Assi 10/5,62 16/39

Kuopio International 1.-2.8.
1.8. judge Hans Lehtinen
Ebonyhill's Zoom On Me Exc

2.8. judge Andrew Brace
Ebonyhill's Zoom On Me
Best Female 3 with CAC

27.7. Saarijärvi National judge Annaliisa Heikkinen
Ebonyhill's Zoom On Me
Best Female 3

12.7. Kokkola International judge Anna Törnlov
Ebonyhill's Zoom On Me
Best Of Breed with CAC and CACIB

Enjoue Gymea "Jassu" has started training for official shows with two placements in unofficial Match Shows. Congratulatios for Jassu and her owners!

29.3. Kajaani Group Speciality Show judge Eija Halonen
Ebonyhill's Zoom On Me
BOB with CAC!

Same day and great health results!
Whiteway's Classic White: clear eyes
Ebonyhill's Zoom On Me: clear eyes and 0/0 knees

8.3. Haukipudas Agility
Clear run for Ilona

15.2. Tuusniemi Group Speciality Show judge Manuelo Borges Loureiro
Ebonyhill's Zoom On Me EXC1 Best Female 3

12.1. Kajaani International judge Juha Palosaari
Ebonyhill's Zoom On Me EXC2
Enjoue C'est La Vie EXC1 Best Female 4